Sunday, April 17, 2005

There are just so many

reprehriestless warillever -- Your source for papal humor.

Mcgeheezone is begging for links, and he deserves a million for the "Secret Vatican Document #221,653,478,095,748,968:

"In order that the number of Cardinal electors be not more than 120, the following Cardinals shall be excluded:

  1. Bernard Cardinal Law and Roger Cardinal Mahoney. [missed it by that much! --ed.]
  2. .........
  3. Whichever one of you geeks has been going around saying, “I love the smell of white smoke in the morning—it smells like ... victory.”
  4. All Cardinals who have let their eyebrows grow so long that they can tie them up in ribbons, which they shouldn’t do because it’s undignified.
  5. The entire Vatican City Olympic rhythmic gymnastics team."
HT: Wizbang

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