Friday, March 14, 2008

100 Things About Me

There is a tradition in the blogging world to write a "100 Things" list as your hundredth post. I have far surpassed 100 posts, but have never listed more than 8 things about myself.

  1. Mr warillever and I have been married for nearly 8 years.
  2. No, I was not a child bride,
  3. but mr warillever says that I was a "mere child" when we met.
  4. I was 17; he was 18.
  5. That was freshman year in college.
  6. Yes, we were that sick couple that dated all through college
  7. and were engaged senior year.
  8. We got married a year later
  9. at the Catholic church on campus
  10. even though neither of us lived in the immediate area anymore.
  11. I was in Massachusetts, mr warillever was in Vermont,
  12. and the church was in New Hampshire.
  13. Right between us, actually.
  14. I was a full-time volunteer the year after college
  15. working with the immigrant community in my home town.
  16. I then joined mr warillever as a Social Studies teacher
  17. which was a great thing to do,
  18. but was never going to be my career.
  19. We left a few years later for graduate school,
  20. and spent three glorious years in the midwest.
  21. That is when I started this blog.
  22. We bought our first house,
  23. tended our first garden,
  24. and wound up with a cat.
  25. I worked in a library,
  26. which I enjoyed very much
  27. and I went to library school part-time.
  28. So I have a Masters degree,
  29. which I received in Mother's Day 2005
  30. which was somewhat sad because I was not yet a mother
  31. but was very very impatiently waiting to be one.
  32. We finally got to meet Agent 002 just three weeks later
  33. with mr warillever's graduation,
  34. the sale of a house,
  35. the purchase of a house,
  36. and a cross-country move in between.
  37. Yes, it felt that crazy even then.
  38. I know this because I blogged about it.
  39. Which is why I keep this blog up,
  40. and why I resurrected it after a long break.
  41. Actually it was this post that brought me back to blogging.
  42. I had forgotten that Agent 002 used to do that.
  43. This is the closest thing we have to a baby book,
  44. because I am not one of those crafty scrapbookers,
  45. and I don't even print out pictures of the kids
  46. even though I have a digital camera addiction.
  47. I took 643 pictures last month.
  48. I am aware that this might be considered disturbing,
  49. but I am okay with that
  50. because all four of them are at their cutest stage ever right now
  51. and I need to record it for posterity.
  52. Of course I thought the same thing 6 months ago.....
  53. Even on the days they drive me crazy (especially on the days they drive me crazy)
  54. I love these kids so much.
  55. I love watching them learn,
  56. I love watching them create,
  57. I love watching them come closer to God.
  58. And I love being a part of their growth.
  59. Even physically part of their growth, since I am the one that feeds them.
  60. Feeding my family makes me happy.
  61. It is the truest combination of art and love and science.
  62. My favorite dinner is Cincinnati Chili;
  63. it is one of the few beef dishes that I cook regularly. (recipe)
  64. I eat mine 5-way.
  65. I have never eaten it at Skyline,
  66. but I have ordered it at Steak n Shake.
  67. I have never actually "ordered their name" at Steak n Shake,
  68. which is because I don't like steak (or hamburgers).
  69. Despite my distaste for beef, I cook it at least once every two weeks,
  70. but usually hide the beef in a sauce (Cincinnati chili)
  71. or under vegetables (beef stir fry).
  72. I also cook fish at least once every two weeks,
  73. but my frugal grocery habits don't allow me to buy fresh fish very often.
  74. I stock up on canned salmon and tuna when they are on sale,
  75. and have established quite a repertoire with those two staples.
  76. My favorite is salmon burgers with Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard on homemade buns.
  77. I make bread nearly every day.
  78. Sean the First inspired me to try baking my own bread.
  79. He once let me try a homemade bagel.
  80. I have never tried making bagels,
  81. but I do make pretzels with the kids.
  82. I like pretzels
  83. and bagels.
  84. I'm a salty snack person,
  85. not a sweets-eater,
  86. but I do like black jellybeans
  87. and bread pudding.
  88. Nevertheless, I make make desserts frequently
  89. becuase mr warillever loves to eat them,
  90. and becuase I love to cook with the kids,
  91. but I don't have the patience to have them cook dinner with me.
  92. Some of my best memories are from baking for holidays with my mother and sisters.
  93. There is something special about the smell of soda bread and simmering vegetables.
  94. I am the youngest of five children,
  95. although our son is the oldest of my parents' six grandchildren.
  96. We live within an hour of my parents
  97. and all of my siblings
  98. which is incredibly valuable to me,
  99. and the major reason we moved to this area.
  100. I am grateful to have friends who will read through a list like this.


Maddie, Mad Rambler, Queen of the night zombies... said...

I love your "hundred" list, it seems so poetic the way you wrote it as a regular sequential post, hats of to you... know you more, know you better - like you more, like you better.. *smile*

Kate in NJ said...

Oh, B..when you go's "all in".
I love that about you!! ;-)
Great post. (hugs)

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love reading posts. Now I get to know you more. hehehe :)

SherryTex said...

I loved your 100 post, I never knew about this tradition, but then I'm new to the blogosphere.

I too met my husband to be the first day of college and dated all through --married the summer after I got my master's.

Thanks for stopping by, glad to discover your blog too.