Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Cast of Characters

The Main Characters:

  • Agent 002 -- our son, born in 2002.
  • Agent 004 -- our daughter, born in 2004.
  • Cousin F -- my Goddaughter and niece, cousin to the Agents, born in 2005. Spends her weekdays at our home.
  • Cousin P -- my nephew, cousin to the Agents, born in 2007. Spends his weekdays at our home.
  • Janice -- the cat
  • mr warillever -- my blessed husband, also known as "Papa"
  • Mama -- that's me!

The Supporting Staff:
  • Grammy -- my mother; Grandmother to the Agents, F, P, Aa and M.
  • Grampy -- my father; Grandfather to he Agents, F, P, Aa and M.
  • Grandma -- mr warillever's mother; Grandmother to the Agents as well as Cousins E, C, T, B, A, Mm and D.
  • The Uncles -- my brothers Jimbo* and Jethro; mr warillever's brothers On, 7, and Ichabod; and our sisters' husbands -- three Ms and a D.
  • The Aunts -- my sisters M and Kak, as well as Uncle On's wife K.
  • The Ants -- mr warillever's sisters E and P.
  • Cousins -- in order they are E, C, T, B, A, Aa, Mm, M, F, D, and P
*Jimbo has also been called JR on this blog


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, P calls your family "Secret Agent Family"..we still have the picture on the piano from Christmas!

Jenny said...

Thanks for including this information, I have to admit to being slightly confused at times!!