Friday, April 08, 2005

Senioritis... or maybe not

...if it was true senioritis I would not be writing a paper right now.

Maybe I should just pray to St. Expeditus, the patron saint against procrastination.

UPDATE (1:40am): I am making slow progress. Do you know what is more boring than attending a dull presentation? Writing about said dull presentation. Fortunately, I have motivation to finish this paper in a timely fashion -- I will be done and showered in time to watch the Pope's funeral on television. More on that later.

UPDATE (2:31 am): Done! Now just a quick shower, adn I am ready for the day.


Despot said...

I think what is more boring than attending a boring presentation is reading someone's description of said presentation.

Did you mention the sleepers?

warillever said...

"As evidenced by three audience members snoozing, the internet presentation did not hold the audience’s attention."

"The audience was far more engaged in this discussion; only one person slept during this section, and he had been asleep since the middle of the Ex Libris presentation."

despot said...

"That's gold, Jerry, gold"