Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ironic List of Links

It looks like everyone else is blogging about not blogging so much.

How's that for irony?

Then again, what is blogging for if not to share ideas?

The stifling nature of connectedness seems to be on everyone's minds these days, even the big bloggers:

At least I know that I am not alone in struggling to find balance!

Don't worry -- this is the last you'll hear from me on this topic, at least until I think of something else to say about it.

I'll be back tomorrow with "7 Quick Takes" and good stories.

I promise -- I might be more quiet, but I am not going away.

For now at least :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being Offline has Worked for Me

Works for me Wednesday is usually a time to share household tips, tricks-of-the parenting trade, or methods of increasing your blog traffic.

I've shared some good stuff with y'all in the past, like setting up the coffee maker ahead of time, my homemade personal planner, and preschool ideas.

I don't have any tips for you today.


I will tell you what has been working for me, though -- staying off of the computer!

It started out as a Lenten sacrifice -- an embarrassingly difficult sacrifice for me. The first few days were brutal. My eyes would drift to the screen as I walked past; my fingers would graze the keyboard. When the computer was on for necessary tasks, I would find myself reading email and blogs before I even noticed the transition.

These slip-ups offered a great opportunity for prayer and reflection. Why was I online anyway? What did I gain online, and what were the corresponding costs? Over time, I found myself enjoying this break from the internet. It was calming, relaxing, and even FREEING. There was no longer an obligation to read through every post, no feeling of inadequacy that I wasn't doing enough. I also found myself being more attentive to the children's needs. There was more time for the here-and-now.

On Easter Monday (Dingus Day for all of you back in South Bend), I went right back to the computer with glee. I read the paper; I checked every blog.

Then, the next day, I heard a crash from behind me as I read "just one more" email. One of the children had knocked over a tray of tomato seedlings while I was distracted by the computer.

That was enough for me; I resolved to be more responsible in my computer usage. I am still struggling to find my exact limits, but for now I have started by abandoning Twitter, reducing blogging, and marking all blogs as "read" before I turn off the machine at night. I feel no obligation to visit every blog every day, or to post the minute details of our every day.

I am enjoying some time online, but nothing like I used to. The cost, however, has been the companionship that I had been getting online from other stay-at-home moms. I will try to build some time into each day for correspondence, because it is important to stay in touch.

Has anyone found a balance that really works for them?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

There is a blog post somewhere

We talk a lot about creating habits, but we rarely talk about falling out of a habit.

I just don't have time to blog. Not that I am too busy, but it has been so long since I have written for this blog that it is no longer a part of my routine.

Consider this a "test post" in the new blogging routine.

Real content coming soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Friday, April 03, 2009

7 Quick Pics

7 Quick Takes, in pictures.