Sunday, April 17, 2005

Protecting the Cat's Honor

My cat is in love. Well, not in love, but in heat. She has been jumping from window to window screaming bloody murder for the past five days. This is typical behavior for her, except in this case, one of the boy-cats in the neighborhood has been reciprocating. Julio (the boy-cat) has been following her from window to window. Staring. And staring. And staring. I am starting to have nightmares about his eyes.

Janice is an indoor cat. Other than when "in the mood," she has no interest in going outside. Her favorite pasttimes are chasing milk-jug rings and lounging on her wool blanket. When Julio is around, however, she turns into a rolling, screaming hormone-driven machine.

Late Thursday night, there was a break in the screaming. "Hmmm... Janice must be catnapping," we thought. We should have known better. When we went to the basement to close the window that was open for ventilation, we found that the screen had been pryed open. Screwing window shutThere were clawmarks on both sides, so they used teamwork to open it.

Now some of you may now be thinking "awww.....such a cute romantic story!" Then you don't know cats. It seems that they were looking for different things in a relationship. When I got outside, Julio was chasing Janice. Janice was hissing and clawing to get him away.

The second picture is my husband screwing the screen into place. Unless that %^&* cat has opposible thumbs and a screwdriver, he is not getting back into our house.

God bless us when we have a teenage daughter!

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