Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where we Eat

Even when the Agents sleep and the Cousins go home, mr warillever and I have full-size representations of them on the table, covered in wipe-off plastic. I wish the real kids were this washable.

Elf PortraitI traced each of the kids on butcher paper, then let the kids color themselves in. I suggested clothing, but 004 colored her whole elf pink, like her skin. Cousin F liked herself plain. I helped Cousin P a little bit with the coloring. Agent 002 is as colorful on paper as he is in real life.

Toe PaintingHere they are working on the background:
I told them that they could paint with their feet. So they painted the tops of their feet......At least the paint is water soluble.....

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Kate in NJ said...

That looks like fun! We have a plan to do this with my friends daughters
this summer. When not in school they come over for "Camp Katie Days" and
we always do something messy!