Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Never Have the Camera

...when the kids are being exceptionally photogenic.

Four kids and I went out for a Wednesday morning adventure, and along the way we

  • walked through woods
  • picked flowers
  • drew with sticks on a dirt road
  • ran in tall grass
  • tossed buttercups from a wooden bridge
  • ventured into the "big kid" parts of the town playground (a new thing for 004 and F)
  • found some Biscuit books at the library
  • purchased provisions at the grocery store
  • ate a picnic by the waterfall
  • searched for pinecones
  • And came home to any little boy's dream -- large trucks in front of our house, because our neighbor's driveway is being paved.
The trip was only marred by diarrhea from one of the toilet trained kids, but that is why I carry wipees and spare underpants in my bag.

And the best part -- I now have the afternoon to myself. Agent 004 and Cousins F+P are sleeping soundly, and Agent 002 is transfixed by the heavy machinery.

1 comment:

Kate in NJ said...

I know the feeling, P was being real cute this morning just playing with the cat,etc. My camera needed to be re-charged..ugh!
Our neighbor is having the house re-sided, P has been transfixed by the work!