Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Hero

It's Father's Day, and we are letting mr warillever sleep in, because he deserves it.

When a feverish child woke us up at 3:30 last night, he was the one who was able to calm her own and get her back to sleep (after 45 minutes in the rocking chair together).

I held her, gave her tylenol, and laid down next to her. She was still miserable. But all it took was a lot of Papa patience.

And she is up and about and obnoxiously loud this morning.

We'll let him sleep until the kid noise wakes him up.


Kate in NJ said...

How nice, my DH never hears,
he "claims" it's because he's so tired from work.;-)

reprehriestless warillever said...

The whimpering doesn't wake him up, but me getting in and out of bed seven times within an hour does wake him ;)

... and unlike me, he is coherent enough to make logical decisions in the middle of the night.