Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and what I Actually Post

Roses are Red, Violets are Violet posted today about blogging the "not-so-pretty" things that come with raising a child.

A friend pointed out that she only blogs about the "pretty things," and ignores (at least in her blog), the ugly side of parenting. She points out that it could be fun and helpful to know how your own parents handled such situations. And she may be right.

I don't blog about the ugly things either, but that is by design. My blog is not an open door to my life; it is a selection that I have chosen to set down in writing to share. It is also what I choose to remember.

My children have their good moments and bad moments, but I love them all the time. And I want my blog to reflect that. Same deal for my husband and nieces and nephews.

I promised my husband and myself that I would never post something that would embarrass any of my children if he or she came accross my blog when they are twenty-five years old. Thus far I think I have kept that promise.

There is nothing deceitful about this -- any parent reading your blog should know that no child is always perfect, and we don't want to frighten the not-yet parents with our scary stories :)

So I think I'll keep on keepin' on with my happy-cheery blog. Because I really don't want to remember the tears, bruises, and poop stains in twenty years.

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