Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thanking Our Veterans

Our "preschool" task this morning was making Thank You cards for the Veterans in our family -- Uncle Ichabod (Iraq), Uncle E (Korea) and Uncle W (World War II). We will mail them this afternoon.

A quick tip for those of you making cards with emergent writers: Make the card from construction paper or cardstock, but have the child write her signature on a piece of lined paper and glue it into place. This way the perfectionist won't stress about messing up the card, and the sloppy child won't make random marks on the card.


Kate in NJ said...

Ahhh, what a nice tradition.
We always baked for Poppa (WWII)to thank him when he was alive.
Uncle Paulie (Afghanistan)gets a phone call as does all our other Veteran friends. When I was younger we used to draw pictures for the Amvets to bring to the VA Hospital.
Poppa was a Commander of the Amvets
and very involved with Veterans Affairs.

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I meant of his local post..not the whole thing. ;-)