Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Quick Takes (Vol. II)

  1. The cousins have already headed off to their Memère's house for Thanksgiving, so Agent 004 and I had the day to ourselves. She insisted that we go to the indoor play area in the "big city." I willingly obliged, and we had a wonderful time together, lavish expenditures and all. It really is nice to get some one-on-one time with the kids sometimes.

  2. As I type, father and son are getting their own bonding time in front of a movie. I love that they get to be guys together, too.

  3. Our English Muffin experiment went well. Given that it was y first time through, I very cautiously followed the recipe. Next time through I will try a whole wheat dough.

  4. I would share some pictures of the muffins, but my camera and computer aren't talking to each other again. A couple of old biddies set in their ways.... The computer is eight years old now -- that is what, 105 in people years? And a six-year-old digital camera is the human equivalent of 240, right?

  5. NaPraMoGo is going well. I haven't been following the prompts everyday, but I have been praying. Once you form the habit, it becomes second nature to pray in the down times that are a natural part of parenting and child care. Some of my prayers may be pleas for intercession, but they are prayers nonetheless...

  6. The weather has been freezing this week, but no snow yet. My mother-in-law 300 miles to the south had to brush the snow off of her car on Wednesday. I don't want to rush things, but snow is so much more fun than 14 degrees and green grass... We found some used skis for the kids already, so we are ready to play!

  7. I have already received one quinoa recipe, but I'd love some more. And anyone know how to use spelt? Can I just substitute it for whole wheat flour in a yeast recipe?
I am sticking with 7 Quick Takes too, Jennifer.


Jenny said...

I once made a quinoa salad with beans, tomatoes, vinegar, scallions - I found the texture to be too similar to oatmeal, and as a result it was hard to eat for us. I prefer quinoa cooked and enjoyed on its own, rather more like a hot breakfast cereal.

I did a little research for you on using spelt flour. One source said you can replace it directly for AP flour, but you should reduce the liquid by 25%. Also, because of something to do with the gluten level, you don't want to knead it as much.

Here are some recipes specifically using spelt flour - maybe start with those, and make them also with regular flour to see what the difference is?

I look forward to seeing your results!

Kate in NJ said...

I do hope you get your pics up soon.
I have been dying to try english muffins, and would love your recipe.
P is addicted to them!
She will literally eat anything except broccoli if I put it on an e. muffin! ;-)