Monday, February 09, 2009

Unplugged Electricity

This week's Unplugged theme is float.

We managed to make a balloon float with no water at all.

No helium, either.

How did we do it?

Static electricity.

After completing this impromptu experiement, Agent 004 and I read a few articles online about static electricity.

Maybe tonight we should try to light a light bulb using a balloon?


naomi said...

Good idea and cute pictures!

Kate in NJ said...

Great fun!!

Erica said...

Hahaha, too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, I love it! If you do that light bulb idea, please let me know. It sounds really fun too!

PS. I am so impressed with all the "float" ideas I have seen so far. I had such a mental block with this one!

Michie said...

That's a neat take on "float."

Yelli said...

Love the pic with the hair standing up! You just need a VDG machine now!

PisecoMom said...

Fun project! :)

And thanks for the link to the light bulb idea - hopefully we can try that tomorrow - for Thomas Edison's birthday!

Schelle said...

Looks great!

Clare said...

we did that at our last home ed group! also balloon races down the walls :-)