Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes

  1. Agent 002 is bringing in heart-shaped gelatin jigglers for his class Valentine's Day party. Aren't they cute? I kind of feel bad for loading them up with dyes and artificial sugars, but it is only an occasional treat. Ruth tells me that I can make with juice. I'll have to to try that some time.

  2. Thursday was a banner day. All three small children took a nap, at the same time. I could have done ANYTHING. Well, anything quiet and within range of the baby monitor. Did I read a book? Paint my nails? Watch a film?

    Nope. I cleaned the junk drawers. Wanna see? Of course, this is what my counter looked like when I was done. Done being determined by when the baby started screaming, of course.

  3. Oh. All that free time? Negated when one of the kids decided to curl up on my bed. I realized that she had moved (the eyes-on-the-back-of-my-head sensor was working well), but didn't make the mental leap to realize that a not-quite-continent child probably shouldn't sleep on top of my down quilt. That misktake cost me three loads of laundry.

  4. Inspired by Nina's journey to 1000 books, I have been keeping track of all of the books I read aloud. Amazing really -- 19 titles for 22 reads over two days. And of course, that does not include their Bedtime Book or any that they leaf through by themselves.
  5. Mr warillever is reading Where the Red Fern Grows to the Agents. It was one of my favorites as a child. It is the most advanced book that they have ever been read, but it is going well so far. Agent 004 gives me updates every day. She tells me that in last night's section Old Dan and Little Ann killed a coon and got stuck in a tree. Not bad comprehension skills for a four year old.
  6. Uncle Ichabod, Aunt P and Uncle M will be coming up our way for a ski weekend at the end of the month. We will join them for two days. It will be my first time on the slopes this winter. Although I have gotten the chance to cross-country ski form our back door, alpine skiing just doesn't happen all that often due to cost and Agent 004's youth. It will be fun to see how much Agent 002's skills have improved with the lessons he has been taking.
  7. And of course, I will end with a snapshot of our ever-changing art display.
For more "Quick Takes" go to Conversion Diary. My this meme is growing!


Jenny said...

I remember my 6th grade teacher reading us Where the Red Fern Grows because it was one of his favorites. We had a time set aside every Friday for him to read to us. I still remember some of us sobbing at the ending!

Kate in NJ said...

Can you come tackle a closet or two?
lol Great job, love the art!!
I'm nominating you for "an award"..come see.

Lerin said...

I love your idea for displaying art!!!

Thanks for stopping by my site. Can you believe what a MESS one little crayon can make??? And yes, being a mom changes you for sure. I was an English Lit double major in school, and rather than burying my nose in poetry or classics...I'm all about Dr Seuss. ;)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

cool stove pipe cover! LOL! :)

Heather said...

I just love organized drawers! Can you believe that our kitchen only has two? Clearly, the architect was male! Love the kid art!

Anonymous said...

Organized junk drawers make my heart leap!

Just yesterday I cleaned mine in the most unorganized fashion you can imagine. I have a huge Rubbermaid tub. Everytime my small junk drawer becomes crazy, I separate out the trash (I clip open packages and leave the stray bits) and then I dump the contents in the bin. I've been doing this for six months and I almost never need anything that is in the bin.

How old is Agent004? I'm wondering about reading Where the Red Fern Grows. Great job on the read alouds. We read a lot to the little one. I find it much more difficult to get the books read to Cate. This week is better.