Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes

  1. I spent a few moments feeling "behind" on my posting this week before I remembered that this blog is not supposed to be a release, not a stressor. The funny thing is that it wasn't even a particularly stressful week -- no major injuries, traumas, or tragedies. Well, there was a black eye, a split lip, and several broken toys, but nothing outside of the norm.

  2. It was the book post that got me backed up. It takes longer to summarize and link to a picture book than it does to read one! I am (sort of) glad that I did such an intensive book post this week, because it made me more conscious of our reading. Not that I need to worry with Agent 004 in the house -- she loves books! Cousin P is starting to request read-alouds, but his selections are limited to songs-in-a-book (like Baby Beluga) and books about trucks (like Tractor Mac Builds a Barn). It's a start, right?

  3. On the topic of prolific reading, I just finished reading my 16th book of the year. Two years ago, my new year's resolution was to read 25 all year! I should slow down, not because it is directly interfering with anything, but because I have been staying up way too late. I am having way too much fun, though. I have just one more book to go in the Stephanie Plum series, then I will start in on my growing backlog. I have Nourishing Traditions on order through interlibrary loan, but if that doesn't come in on time I think that I will read Square Foot Gardening again.

  4. I made it out to the bunny slope last weekend with mr warillever and the Agents. We didn't spring for lift tickets (the beginner's area is free at our local mountain), so Agent 002 was under-challenged. He and I spent a lot of time waiting at the bottom for Papa and little sister to make it down. We started in on the silliest rendition of If You're Happy and You Know It. Have you ever tried to spin around on skis? How about touch your toes? These are the moments I hope he will remember for the rest of his life. And hopefully not the grumpy Mama that he sees more often.

  5. Speaking of bonding time....

    Agent 002 had school on Presidents' Day, but mr warillever did not go to work. Instead of working on the 412 projects on his to-do list, mr warillever brought his little girl out on a "date." They went to the preschool show at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium followed by lunch and a romp at McDonald's indoor playground. Father-daughter time is precious, and I am very glad that they got the opportunity.

  6. We are now officially eligible to provide foster care. I am anxious to have another child or two in our home, but am saddened to realize that that this will only happen if a child is facing a horrible situation. I pray daily that our home is not needed, but that if we are called to provide a home for a child that we can do so with strength and grace.

  7. The art gallery:


Kate in NJ said...

I am glad you de-stressed and
Congrats on making it to
"foster care approved" status.
I know any child who lands on your
doorstep will be well taken care of. (hugs)Good for Mr W.
Father Daughter time is so very important!!

Kate Wicker said...

Impressive art gallery. :)

Amen to number 1. I've had more time to blog lately because my husband has been MIA for work (I'm alone in the evenings), but with another baby on the way, I'm going to have to remind myself that blogging shouldn't ever be a source of stress or feel like an obligation!

"Blob Day" rules! (Thanks for stopping by my 7 Takes!)