Monday, February 16, 2009

Art's Beautiful Byproducts

Although ecological awareness has led us to reduce the number of disposable products we use, there are a few clean-up jobs reserved for paper towels in our home. Not because they do a better job, but because the result is beautiful.

Moisten a paper towel, scrunch it up, and then clean. Use some elbow grease. This is a project all about process,but the product is still pretty impressive.

In addition to wiping magic marker from the calendar wall, I also make beautiful "tie-dyed" towels while the children watercolor.

No matter how many times we explain the rinse-between-colors rule, Cousin P mixes up the paint colors. No harm -- so long as we soak it up right then, his paints stay good-as new. The cloth at right was done with watercolors.

Simple, pretty, practical and fun!

Visit Unplu Your Kids for more wrinkled fun, and join us next week as we think of something creative to do with clothes.


So Smrt said...

We did something really similar! I can't tell from the picture if you did this, but if you fold the papertowel into triangles before you soak up the ink, you will get a very cool tie-dyed pattern.

Tumblewords: said...

I might try this myself. Just myself. It looks like a fun thing to do!!

MoziEsmé said...

Pretty! I've been wanting to try something like this with a coffee filter! (And we've not had too much success with the "water, paint, paper" steps at our house yet!)