Tuesday, May 13, 2008

While I Have Been Away

One of those ironies of blogging is that when life is most interesting I have the least computer time to jot it down for posterity.

Cousin A made his First Communion this past Saturday. Mr warillever's entire family came up to Massachusetts for the festivities, and some of the guests continued the trek up to our place to continue the party.

Grandma and Uncle Ichabod stayed at our house. We had a pleasant Mother's Day breakfast after mass, then went to a flea market. I bought books (surprise, surprise), and Agent 004 spent her $1 budget on a beautiful bracelet.

Since none of the warillever clan had seen Agent 002 for his birthday, he received another deluge of presents including Lincoln Logs, sidewalk paint, and a Hess monster truck.

Mr warillever and I have been very busy working on the mudroom. We are hoping for an early summer opening. The tile looks incredible. Once I find the camera cord I will share his handiwork with the world.

Mr warillever has been tying up the computer every evening, dreaming up a sumer adventure. I won't release the details until we study the feasibility a bit more, but rest assured, we plan on doing this up in true warillever fashion. Just hope we don't end up abandoning our vehicle in Iowa like we did on our last roadtrip.....

Don't expect me to be gone so long next time..... working on a WFMW post about our "new-and-improved" daily schedule......

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Kate in NJ said...

Send those agents on a search mission and find that cord! ;-)