Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Need my Coffee

It is Works for Me Wednesday, when women around the web share their secrets for making their worlds go round. Today's tip is such a simple one that you may scoff, "Doesn't everyone do that?" But there are others out there who will blush and wonder, "Why didn't I ever think of that?" I am also aware that there is the third possibility that you will consider this a very bad idea.
I am one of those people that does not function before my first cup of coffee.

Which makes it awfully difficult to actually prepare that first cup of coffee. I just am not capable of pouring water or measuring coffee grounds when I first wake up. At least not without turning the kitchen counter into a sticky mess.

The solution? Set up the coffee-maker the night before! After breakfast each morning, I rinse the pot, refill the tank, and measure out the coffee grounds. The next morning I flip on the power switch and voila -- hot coffee with no fuss.

Simple, neat, and dependable. Works for me!


Kari Wright said...

I bought a senseo coffee maker a couple years measuring, 2 coffee pods, water, 1 fav cup, two buttons, 2 minutes..wonderful hot coffee. The beauty of one cup keeps me from sipping away on a whole pot, plus there is almost no cleaning, the pods go in the garbage and I always wash a cup anyway! plus, I'm the only one in the house that drinks the stuff!

ames said...

I was doing this for a while but then our morning and evening schedules got messed around with and I gave up. But you're right, it's one less thing between you and that caffeine...

I just worked it into my morning routine so that I prep the coffee pot while the dogs are outside doin' their business and I'm stuck in the kitchen waiting for them. Gives me something to do so I don't fall back asleep standing by the door ;)

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I do this too...that way DH
can hit the button if he wants coffee
before work. I am usually not up yet.;-)