Friday, May 23, 2008

Book Posts

I am constantly inspired by my bloggy friends' book posts. I often consult Kate's, Heather's, and Jenny's blogs before choosing library books.

In the past I have tried to review of books on one theme (see ducks and construction), but have been overwhelmed by the time required to write these posts.

Instead (both as a service for my preschooling readers and as a record keeping mechanism for myself), I will post a list of the children's favorite books once per week. These may not be the highest quality books on our shelves (I could really do without Curious George myself), but they are proven winners with my crew of mini bookworms.

I will keep the books up on the sidebar (look left) for a month as a quick snapshot of what we have been reading.


Jenny said...

They really are time-consuming, aren't they? I've often wondered if I should try to go to a "picture book a day" format or something! I'll be looking forward to seeing what your bookworms are reading...

Anonymous said...

ITA about book posts being time-consuming and sometimes for little return in terms of comments. I keep the books we especially like on my left sidebar until I feel like changing them or I've mentioned them all. I like Jenny's idea of a book a day.

I just posted a new book post yesterday. I have just now discovered your blog through Jenny's. :)