Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simple Exercise Plan

Once upon a time, I was in shape.

I exercised every day -- not out of duty, but because it was fun or because biking was the quickest way from here to there.

But then I got a car. And a job. Then graduate school on top of a job. Then kids. Then daycare on top of my own kids. And I was always able to find an excuses to avoid exercise.

I don't have time.
I'm too tired.
The gym is too expensive.
The gym is too far away.
The weather is too yucky to run outside.
We don't have any weights.
I don't know how to workout.

I knew that I had to do something. I NEED exercise -- it gives me energy, patience, and perspective.

I needed a plan that would actually follow through on. Something simple, quick, and fun. And it couldn't cost money.

Which led me to circuit training.

I do a routine with four exercises in quick succession that combine strength training with aerobic intensity.

I currently complete three full circuits, which takes about ten minutes. Over the next month, I want to incrementally work up to a fifteen-minute, five circuit routine.

I have no reason to avoid exercise. I have a plan that can be done anywhere with no specialized equipment in a very short window of time. It is not affected by weather, location, or kids' napping schedules. No reason not to do it, and plenty of reasons to do it.

Works for me! For more great ideas, visit Works for Me Wednesday.


Memarie Lane said...

I do something similar, though I'm pregnant so I have to take it easy. I do a series of stretches and some band work, and I do it every day. If they weren't things I could do anywhere, anytime, I'd probably never do it. Also I used to try to do it during the kids' nap, but now they see me doing it so they want to do it too.

Wani said...

Thanks for sharing what works for you! I should probably try it sometime! C'mon by Wani's World to check out free films!

Anonymous said...

For me it is all about the classes. I have made some friends and so when I don't go they notice. It's an unspoken accountability. I too hate to exercise :(

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

That is a great routine. Unfortunatley for me I can't follow routine. LOL I prefer to run because it feels like I am escaping or getting rid of unwanted stress it's also me time. my kids won't leave me alone if I excercise at home. LOL I do hope you reach your goal. :)