Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internet, You are Going to Hate Me for This

I am exhausted.

Eyes drooping as I pour my third cup of coffee.

Agent 002 had a bad dream last night. Something about a monster opening his door or an astronaut staring at him or monkeys playing basketball -- the story has changed a few times. He came into our room at 1am. I brought him to the bathroom, got him a drink, and carried him back to his bedroom. Five minutes later, mr warillever responded to his screams by checking behind each door for any wayward creatures. Five minutes later... five minutes later... five minutes later... We finally (at 2am) had him sleep in our bed which, as you all know, is not restful for anybody. Shannon very aptly calls sleeping with a distraught child "sleeping with an octopus." I gave up entirely at 5:15, and let him search Google images for pictures of spaceships for the rest of the night while I snoozed with my head on the kitchen counter.

The thing that is killing me is that I am just not used to this. The kids are excellent sleepers, and both of them have slept straight through the night as long as we've known them. Except for a few cold nights when Agent 004 whimpers for more blankets, we almost never need to get up with either of them before dawn.

All of the mothers of newborns are probably throwing tomatoes at their computer monitors by now, but I think I may just take a nap with the little guys this afternoon... See you when I wake up :)


Jenny said...

Oh, I feel your pain. My daughter is an excellent sleeper too, so when I don't get enough (usually because of an allergy attack) it really makes for a loooooong day. Have a good nap!

Kate in NJ said...

I'm very jealous of the napping !!
Neither one of us get it here...we have had nights like that too. ;-)