Monday, February 11, 2008

Cut and Paste Flip Book

Here is our "Unplugged" project.

Stealing an idea directly from Amber, we made made flip-book people using an old three-ring binder.

After 3-hole punching cereal box sides, I cut them into three strips. Each child was assigned a body part (heads, bodies, and legs), then glued them onto the cardboard strips.

Easy to do, easy to use, and very fun. The best kind of low-tech fun!

Beware, loyal readers! Next week's them is "fabric."


Kate in NJ said...

Great job!
It is hard not to "steal" Amber's ideas..they are so creative and fun!
P is still taping,gluing and drawing..but no photos allowed

Anonymous said...

What fun! I like how you assigned each child a different body part. I imagine that makes it even funnier when the book is assembled!

Thanks for joining us again. What will you do for "fabric?"

Jenny said...

I love this idea- what a great way to learn about different body parts and end up with a fun book too.

Tamara said...

That is so funny. What a neat idea.

Mom and Kiddo said...

What a fantastic idea! I am totally going to steal it.

Andrée said...

Oh how cool!!! Double cool! These are actually a math project in our program so I should have thought of it! I am just so literal minded that I couldn't extend the collage idea except to a collage! My Unplugged collage is here. Thank you.