Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ABCs of Decoupage and Clean Cars

Decoupage. All the cool kids are doing it!

The unplugged theme this week is "letters."

We focused a lot on letters last year, and even compiled a book of everything we did. I have backed off a bit on actively teaching letters because both of the Agents know them well, but Cousin F is not quite ready for any formal instruction yet.

We did have two activities this week, however, that fit well with the Unplugged theme. The first was an alphabet decoupage. Following the directions here, we covered a super-sized animal cracker jar with construction paper scraps and letters*.

Some additional tips:

  1. If any of the pieces overlap the corner of your object, make sure that there is at least one full inch on each side of the corner. We have several spots where a piece of paper barely overlaps a corner and has popped up
  2. Make sure to cover every square inch of the object with paper. The glue peels off of bare plastic.
  3. If you are using construction paper, be aware that the color may bleed a bit.

*The letters are from Hubbard's Cupboard. It is a PDF with a full page of each capital and lowercase letter in various fonts and styles. It uses a lot of paper, but I have only printed the set once, and we have been using them for various purposes for two years. It is great for letter recognition activities because he gets them used to the many ways that a single letter may look.

The second activity was a shaving cream car wash.

I put a mound of shaving cream in the middle of the art table,and let the kids play in it with wooden alphabet blocks and toy cars. They soon took a sheet of cardboard from the supply shelf to form a roof for their car wash

At Agent 002's request, I cut a hole in the cardboard so that we could spray shaving cream through the roof to further replicate an automated car wash.

We extended the activity by scrubbing the cars with a toothbrush and rinsing the toys off in a bowl of water.

The fun lasted for about forty minutes, and clean up was very easy.

Post edited 3/1/08 to restore the photos I accidentally deleted from Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Decoupage and letters, fun idea! I love decoupage. Your jar looks great! What will you put in it?

The shaving cream car wash looks like a lot of fun too. I don't think I am brave enough to try that one, but I know that my kids would enjoy it.

Tamara said...

Fun! Nice ideas.

Jenny said...

I love your alphabet book from last year- thanks for linking to that post. I'm working on letters with my daughter now, and I think that looks like a lot of fun! I spent some time on Mother Hubbard's site yesterday- that one had escaped me somehow. CJ would LOVE the shaving cream car wash- I'm definitely going to file that one away!