Saturday, February 02, 2008

Creative Maintenance

You may have noticed that I have been blogging more regularly.

That is one of my resolutions for 2008. Not that I have blogged about that, because one of my other resolutions is to spend less time at the computer. Contradictory? Yes, but it has been working so far.

I have some interesting posts in "draft" status -- about books, marriage, and fish -- but you won't see any of them until I finish tweaking the blog design and apply labels to select posts in the archive.

Drop me a comment if you like the new template, or if you have any constructive criticism. Do you like the color? I am fond of the third column, but haven't figured out how to balance that with a wider post section.


Kate in NJ said...

I like the 3 that you're blogging more too! ;-)

Maddie, Mad Rambler, Queen of the night zombies... said...

Love the new color- easy on the eyes.... Keep up the frequent blogging I had been checking in but you were posting so infrequently =( Glad to see you're back =)