Saturday, October 11, 2008

All that is Wrong With the World

With all of the serious things going on in the world, do you want to know what is really bothering me?

My new pillow. Mr warillever requested a new pillow for himself, so I bought a matched set. I haven't slept since. The situation may be compounded by late nights listening to the Red Sox and Agent 004's restless virus-induced rumblings, but I am so tired. And my neck is achy. Thus you are subjected to this entire whiney post.

They rearranged my favorite grocery store. The store with the logical (non-gimmicky) layout. The store that I could get in and out of because I knew right where everything was. Not only could I not find a thing on my list, neither could the employees.

Notre Dame lost to North Carolina this afternoon. North Carolina. I didn't even know that they had a football team until today. Probably the guys that couldn't make the basketball team.

But the Red Sox just took the lead 6-5, so maybe the world isn't such a bad place after all...


Stephanie said...

The pillow thing - that happened to me when my mom gave us these fancy new pillows for Christmas one year! Doug loved them and I couldn't sleep for the longest time! And the grocery store thing, I'm just so sorry for you. That sucks... seriously, WHY would they DO that?!?!

Kate in NJ said...

Last time they changed my store again...I gave Farmer Dad supermarket duty. lol
I hope things settle down for you