Friday, August 29, 2008

I Love Blogs

Most of the time I spend online is "visiting" with my friends. I know a few of these folks in real life (like the Ruiz family, the Library Despot, and OCP librarian), but I have met most of them here on the world wide web. Through their blogs and group postings I have gotten to know fine people like Kate, Heather, Julie, Amber, PisecoMom, and Patricia. I have only just "met" Merranda, Angie and Carisa, but it looks like I may be stopping by their blogs to visit for a long time as well.

They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they commiserate with me when I am down. Most of all they let me know that other women worry incessantly about their kiddos, but take joy in the gift of life.

I love this little world of blogs. My online friends teach me so much, and so do the blogs I read specifically for advice. These are my "top seven" informational blogs:

  • Parent Hacks : Simple, often obvious, tips for parents. Who would have thought of carrying water bottles in a 6-pack holder?
  • Montessori Free Fall : Written by Tatum's mom, this blog describes one family's adventures in doing Montessori preschool at home. Stephanie gives the nitty-gritty detail of adapting montessori methods to the home. For a good starting point, read her series on "Choosing Montesori Materials."
  • A Bit of This and a Bit of That : Another Montessori preschool blog, this one is written by an English woman living in Japan. It is very helpful to see how Ebi-kun progresses. Jo also runs frequent Montessori exchanges.
  • Little Acorns Tree House : Little Acorns Country Day School has two students -- sisters Ellie and Savannah. Their mother is the teacher and administrator, while their father is the school benefactor and guest science and technology teacher. The blog is a very thorough log of the girls' work and mom's curriculum choices. I have found the planning posts very helpful, and their new home-designed art curriculum is very comprehensive.
  • The Mom With Brownies : Links to free educational materials. What could possibly be more useful?
  • Home Ec 101 :Cooking, cleaning, and living on the cheap. All the info that a SAHM needs.
  • The Simple Dollar : Since we are talking about living on one income, simple-to-digest financial advice is very important. Trent explains the basics of savings, investment, and living on a budget in terms that even I can understand.
After all of that seriousness, I need some entertainment. These are seven blogs I visit for a laugh or a cry. Who needs cable anyway?
  • Crummy Church Signs : Just like the subtitle says, this blog offers "critical analysis of critically bad church signs." The signs (and the commentary) are hilarious. Don't worry Christians, the purpose is not to blaspheme but to enlighten.
  • Chocolate for the Brain : Absolutely the funniest thing in the blogosphere, this witty mother of eight makes me snort every single time. For a good laugh read Moon Woman Speaketh and Relative Math.
  • Ask Sister Mary Martha : If Sherry Antonetti is the funniest mother on the web, Sister Mary Martha is the funniest nun. The tag line is "Life is tough. But Nuns are tougher. If you need helpful advice just Ask Sister Mary Martha. She'll help you. Just don't expect any sympathy." Sister answers any and all questions with the funniest (and most accurate) explanations of Catholic teachings possible.
  • Alive and Young : A Catholic humor blog, Alive and Young has two very funny series: "Adventures in Catechesis" and "Not Said by Jesus Sunday" as well as several posts about beer and the theology (see Hypostatic Union of Christ: The Black and Tan).
  • Vita Familiae : Mother of four four and under (with a fifth child on the way), Lora Lynn has a knack for finding the best in life with toddlers. Think you had a rough day? Read this, or catch up with her current posts about forced bedrest.
  • World's Greatest Mommy : Another funny mom of many, the World's Greatest Mommy has an introspective style. To get a sense of her humor read the descriptions of each of her family members along the left side bar. Then for a switch of pace, read the series she wrote about her dad for Father's Day this year.
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Violet : I started reading Katie's blog because she has a six-year-old son adopted from Russia. I continued reading it because her prose is profound and her poetry delightful. The blogs above frequently make me laugh, but this one more frequenlty, makes me cry. Some of the best are posts about her mother such as "Butterflies" and "A Lime Popsicle," but her parenting posts are equally inspiring.

I hope that this satisfies my responsibilities as a double winner of the "Brillante Award" :)


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the thumbs up! I have a whole lot of new blogs to check out :)

You commented that you would love to hear what I'M doing during preschool time so I will write a post about that within the next week or two. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sister Mary Martha said...

Very exciting to be in your top picks! Please let everyone know about our no contest nun contest. said...

Great list! I'm tired and heading in but can't wait to get back to this and view the sites you've recommended

Kathy in Colorado

SherryTex said...

Having just discovered this post, I feel shamed at not having sent a prompt Thank you note. I have a post I never posted called the all purpose Thank you note...will go dust that off and revise and do in tribute to you...

Will have to go check out Sister Mary Martha...loved the tag line, made me Snort out loud and wake my husband to hear it a second time.