Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did God Make You a Soldier?

We spent a few days with mr warillever's brother Ichabod a few weeks ago. He is a gracious host and a good cook. And we always do fun things like go for hikes or go to a nature museum when we are with him.

On this trip we went onto the military base where he works. The kids were fascinated. They peppered him with questions about his job an (mostly) about hi uniform. Then Agent 004 asked him "Did God make you a soldier?"

He paused for a moment and answered, "No. I'd like to think that God approves of what I'm doing, but I chose to be a soldier."

Now she wanted to know (as all of you with three-year-olds will predict), why would he want to be a soldier.

His answer?

  1. I get to travel to all sorts of neat places.
  2. I feel like I am doing something important to help people.
  3. This way I don't have to match my own clothes.

On the same trip, we stopped in at Ichabod's office. I snagged one of his business cards from the pile on his desk.

Army business cards? Does anyone else get the ridiculous image of soldiers exchanging cards in the middle of battle? I am completely aware that the majority of a officer's job (especially in Ichabod's current assignment) is quite civilized and business like, involving things like social functions and networking, but still.... that image made me giggle.

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Kate in NJ said...

F.D.'s little bro is in the Army,
and P loves seeing pics of him in uniform!