Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Little Warillevers

Agent 002's class ice-cream social, mr warilever's company picnic, two broken cars and a holy day of obligation all fell in the same week as Agent 004's birthday.

Other than the broken cars, it was a SPLENDID week.

I am too tired to blog coherently, so be prepared for a stream of consciousness brain-dump.

Agent 002 starts first grade (did you hear me? First Grade!) next week. The significance of this is lost on him, but he is excited to take the bus again. That is his favorite part of the school day. I would have thought that it would get old, but it hasn't. So I drew a picture of a bus on the calendar, and he asks me how many days until he gets to ride the bus. Repeatedly. I can't wait until school starts, if only so that he stops asking me about the bus.

The company picnic was loads of fun. His firm has a new tradition of playing an intra-firm softball game, then having a cookout at someone's house. Spouses and children are invited to play, and it is a good time. I made a few good defensive plays, but mr warillever's team won. (We play on opposite teams so that one of us can always be with the kids).

Friday was the Feast of the Assumption, a holy day of obligation for us Catholics. Mr warillever had a packed day, so he went alone to a lunch time mass in the city he works in; I took all four kids to my parents' parish. Even with three adults, it was a nightmare. How quickly we forget what it is like to keep a toddler contained for an hour. A short memory is a very useful thing for parenting....otherwise I am not sure that we would ever have more children.....

Agent 004's birthday deserves its own post or two. I will post some pictures once I wrestle with camera-computer interaction a bit. Very nice. Very nice.

I'll end this mad ramble with a prayer request. Mr warillever's mother had surgery this morning (which went well), but she will have two more in the coming weeks. Please pray for her recovery, and for her very worried children. We are going down for a visit this weekend.

Off to fold paper boats in the backyard swimming pool. Gotta enjoy the sunny weather while we can.


John and Pam said...

I often read your comments on "Havin fun yet"'s blog. I have spent WAY too much time trying to figure out how to pronounce your Blog name. Could you help me put this to rest?
Thanks, Pam

Julie said...

To help Agent 002 with the countdown - put some post-it notes on his wall...counting down to the bus. I did this with a much anticipated visit from Grandma...and it worked like a charm.