Sunday, August 03, 2008

Grover's Presidential Tour

Grover insisted on blogging a bit more about "his" vacation. In this post, he tells you about an obsession he shares with mr warillever -- presidential history.

Forget the imbecile act you see on tv. In real life, I am a history buff. In particular I like to visit presidential sites.

I have been to the Lincoln Boyhood homesite; Calvin Coolidge's farm in Vermont; the Franklin Pierce Homestead in New Hampshire; James Polk's house in Columbia Tennessee as well as the site of his Nashville home; the Hermitage (Andrew Jackson); Mont Vernon (George Washington); Herbert Hoover's childhood home in Iowa; Gerald Ford's birthplace in Omaha as well as his museum in Grand Rapids; Eisenhower's museum in Kansas; James Garfield's and Rutherford B. Hayes' homes in Ohio; and Harry Truman's house in Independence Missouri.

The warillevers have also gone to a few (JFK, Adams, Adams, and Chester Arthur) without me. I still hold that against them.

On our California trip we stopped by the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon's library/museums. Here I am in front of both signs:

I love it when the warillevers take my picture.
The Reagan museum is at his ranch in the Simi Valley. Beautiful view.
The Nixon museum is located at his birthplace. Pretty neat little house. We didn't go in, though. Something about the kids being too tired for a stuffy museum. I need my own wheels. Or rotors ! Then I would go to every single presidential site in the whole country! Maybe Ronnie would carry me?


Julie said...

Wonderful post. What an impressive list of presidential places! It's a neat memory/tradition that Grover goes, too.

btw - The freezer paper stenciling is super easy. Really. You should try it. It doesn't take skill - or I wouldn't be doing it.

Kate in NJ said...

Nice to know you were well behaved enough to be allowed out and about.
Big Bird had his doubts, but Elmo and I knew you could do it! :-)