Monday, June 30, 2008

Smelling the Flowers

We have been in San Francisco for the past three days. Mr warillever will be attending a conference this week and we all came along for the trip.

Yesterday was full of urban exploration. We took the Caltrain into the city, a cable car down to the bay, and then ambled around the piers for a while. The kids rode on a carousel, and then it was back to the hotel on BART and a bus.

Our little gearhead (Agent 002) loved the trains, but it made for an awfully long day. As we tried to figure out the logistics of today's adventures we realized that public transit just wasn't going to cut it. We rented a car from the lot across the street. Agent 002 loved that too -- he was enamored with the PT Cruiser we rented.

We started the day with mass at the local parish, then returned to the hotel for breakfast. After that it was off to the San Francisco Zoo. Agent 004 loved the kangaroos; Agent 002 liked climbing the giant spider web outside of the Insect House. I loved seeing them have so much fun. The giraffes weren't so bad either.

Later in the day we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (which the kids knew all about from the book Pop's Bridge) and went to Muir Woods. I was reticent to spend the $10 entry fee charge for a short walk in the woods, but my husband reminded me with a smile that this is why we spent a thousand dollars to fly out here in the first place.

And it was so worth it. I have never seen anything so amazing. Plus it was free because it was after 6pm. I'd show you a picture, but my camera battery had expired by then. I don't think that pictures would do it justice anyway.

So I will leave you with a picture of my Baby Girl smelling the flowers in the hotel parking lot.

What does she think, that she's on vacation?


Kate in NJ said...

Oh, do have fun!!
I haven't been there since I was pregnant with P, and all those hills made me terribly queasy! lol
Be sure to check out the wharf museum..we enjoyed it, and It think it was free. ;-)

morningstar said...

Oh I have been to all those places and it is such a wonderful trip! The woods are indeed worth the money! Glad you got to "smell the flowers"

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

What a nice trip. I have never been there. I am glad you went in the gardens. It sounds magical.

It's Me! @ Through My back door window said...

I remember those places from growing up out there. I hope sometime to take my own kids out there to see the redwoods! Make sure you visit Fishermans Wharf!

Julie said...

Love it! Think you'll go to Alcatraz? We went 8 years ago and I thought it was fascinating...not sure if the littles would...but I think my guy would. If interested, I think you need to make reservations.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I was only there once for a day, but I remember really liking it. Enjoy!

Cesar said...

Very cool! Free is always the best. Definitely try to check out Alcatraz. The boy will dig it.