Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Future Blogger

Agent 002 has started his own (offline) journal. While he learns basic skills, we are using the same book for creative writing and copywork -- he writes as he "hears" the words, then I show him how it would be written "in a book." He ends by copying what I wrote with all of the proper spelling, letter case and punctuation.

Thus far he loves it. He has been showing it to everyone. I hope that he will learn to enjoy writing and to see its power as a communication tool.

In this entry he is talking about the MonsterJam race we watched on Saturday.

The race was more fun than I could have ever anticipated, and he now has a favorite monster truck -- GRAVE DIGGER.

Grave Digger won the very scripted competition with flair that included car-stomping, wheelie popping excitement.

I have submitted this post as a "Works for Me Wednesday," because it really is a good way to get a new writer to practice and hone his skills.


Kelsey said...

How sweet D is also keeping a journal. Its the next generation of bloggers haha

Kate in NJ said...

My friend's son loves Gravedigger as well. I have been doing this kind of thing with P for a while, and her writing is quite nice now.
She writes what she wants to express, tells me what it says, I write it out, she copies. I don't have to change much these days. ;-)

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

That is Ds's favorite monster truck as well. I LOVE the monster trucks.