Friday, October 14, 2005

Ya igrai-oo ya -- I am playing, I am

I am starting to learn that letting the kids play without intervention is not neglect. In fact, it may actually be good for their development. Or at least for my sanity.....

Currently, Agent 004 is sitting on the kitchen floor with a toy train while Agent 002 rolls blocks down the hallway. He "borrows" the train every few minutes, but Agent 004 doesn't seem to mind, so I am letting it go.

No matter what he is doing, Agent 002 will give me an update whenever he sees me. The most common are "Ya igrai-yoo ya" (I am playing, I am) and "Ya byegai-yoo" (I am running). I am not sure if he just wants to chat, or if he thinks that I am blind.

Agent 004 is trying out her laughing voice. She has a very squeaky voice, but her newest laugh is deep and full. A lot like 002's in fact......

Did I mention that Agent 002 is a three-year old baritone? With 004's soprano, we may have an interesting ensemble some day.

Enough neglect for one morning. I am going to put in some playing time now.

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