Monday, January 08, 2007

Where we learn and play

Double Duty Some of my listserv friends have been posting pictures of their children's work and play areas. I figured that I would join in on the fun with some shots of our art, play, and "school" areas. Both sets of cubes are covered with red sheets so that the kiddos aren't as tempted to grab new things before the first one is put away. They have free access to the "tabletop" items, but obviously not to the art supplies. You can't tell from the picture, but the cubes on the right are set on top of a table.
Tabletop toys Resource shelf

The wading pool is full of uncooked rice and pine cones. I guess that would make it our "sensory table," but we use it more like an indoor sandbox. It is honestly far less messy than I would have expected.
Pool of rice

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Jolene said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I, stealing it.... The sandbox one, LOL!