Tuesday, January 23, 2007

March for Life 2007

March for Life 2007
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Mr warillever, the agents, and I joined up with friends from college and their children for the March.

Nothing went according to plan, but that itself was a blessing. By the time we arrived at the Verizon Arena (an hour before mass), the building was over capacity, and we could not attend the Youth Mass. We were instead directed to a local parish, which was already at standing-room-only itself. In all, 3 churches, a lecture hall and a professional sports arena were filled with worshipers. I was brought to tears by the mass of humanity gathered in prayer.

The weather was miserable -- it was colder and snowier in DC than it was in New Hampshire -- but if anything the adverse conditions intensified the experience. Thousands of people coming together to stand up for justice is always an incredible thing, but to see people who traveled hundreds or thousands of miles stand in the cold for two hours in order to find a space in line to trudge a mile in the slush was inspiring.

This is our third trip time marching, and I think that we will continue to do so, even with small children. The kids were real troopers and really seemed to enjoy the experience. They do not comprehend abortion (nor should they at this age), but it was nonetheless educational. Agent 002 was reading letters off of the signs around us, and pointing out each picture of Jesus he saw. He understands that we love EVERY SINGLE human being, no matter how small or how weak. I hope that all of the children will understand how important it is that we stand up for things that we believe in.

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