Monday, January 01, 2007

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Today is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (EWTN, Wikipedia, Even though the obligation was transferred to Sunday this year, we had planned to attend daily mass as a family anyway. A nasty little ice storm, however, deterred us from leaving the house. We figured that God would prefer to have us alive at home than sliding off the road on the way to church.

Instead, all five of us -- both agents, me, Mr. warillever, and Janice the cat -- tried to pray the rosary together. We chose the Joyful mysteries because of they celebrate Mary as mother.

The agents were impressively attentive, patient, and respectful, but by the time we got to the fifth mystery -- Jesus is found in the temple -- the only family member under 50 pounds who had remained prayerful was the cat. She was curled up peacefully on my lap with wooden rosary beads around her neck. Agent 002 (who had placed the rosary beads on the cat), was giggling uncontrollably and Agent 004 was in full wiggle mode. My mind was starting to wander a little as well, and I could not get Eamon Kelly's Christmas Eve in Ireland out of my head.

My father, with his mind a thousand miles away, was doing eleven Hail Marys to the decade and twelve Hail Marys to the decade. My mother said 'Glory Ned,' and he, taking that for encouragement did thirteen to the decade.
Yes, that quotation is entirely from memory, and it too is from Paddy Noonan's Christmas Time in Ireland.
If I were to make a New Year's resolution (which I promised myself that I would not do), I would resolve to say the rosary daily. Maybe I'll start out by promising to do so tomorrow. And maybe, if I make that same promise every evening, I will make a habit of it.

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In case you haven't checked LJ recently, just thought I'd let you know that our baby is finally here!