Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where the Ideas Come From

A friend of mine once commented on a preschool post that I was "so creative." Heh. If only he knew... I just creatively use others' ideas!

Since this is "Greatest Hits" week at Works for Me Wednesday, I thought I'd tell you about those great resources that I depend on to make my happy little preschool work.

Here is a quick list of the free resources I use to plan our preschool time.

  1. Books More of a background resource than as a specific planning tool, I have borrowed a number of art, activity, and theory books from the library. Currently the most influential:
    • Blogs Sometimes it is best to see how someone else manages to make preschool work in the real world. In a blog you can see how a Montessori theory applies in the home, or you can get a new angle on an old problem. You may see some of "my" ideas displayed on these blogs in particular:
    • Groups The best ideas come from those in the trenches. I have been a member of the Homepreschool Yahoo group for three years, and although the message volume has ebbed and flowed over time, the advice is always invaluable.

    • The Google - When in doubt, search the web for answers. A recent search for phonics activities netted two treasures -- Fun Fonix and the Clifford Make-a-Word game , both of which have proved very helpful to Agent 004.

    How about you? Any resources to suggest to the rest of us?


    Shannon said...

    Thanks! Love your ideas too!

    Jenny said...

    I love linky posts! I'm excited about Fun Fonix- thanks for sharing. :o)

    Kate in NJ said...

    Have to go follow all the links now, but I can't believe I missed this post!! I am really behind in my

    PisecoMom said...

    Thank you, thank you! ::bows::

    But of course... I feel the same way! I have one or two ideas of my own but I am mostly taking what others have done & making it work for my kids! All the blogs I read - including YOURS - are great sources of inspiration. Thanks!

    Bright Ring said...

    Thanks for recommending my art books ... I would like to invite your readers to visit my website and enjoy many many free art ideas from all of my books. Go to
    and also
    to see all of the activities. Especially look at my new book, "Great American Artists for Kids" because it is in full color, a huge accomplishment for me. (I'm really excited about it.) thanks again for caring about kids and their creative lives,
    MaryAnn Kohl