Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's on My Mind

I try to spend 15 minutes per day decluttering.

Today I am trying to get rid of all the thoughts bouncing around in my head.

We'll call it a to-do list


  • Figure out what we own and where it is -- Inventory
  • Organize kids clothes and shoes in attic
  • Set down old rugs to hold in heat
  • Pull out front hall closet
  • Move family book shelves from Agent 004's room
  • Organize books in new home
  • Set up twin size bed for Agent 004
  • Bring down adult winter clothes
  • Figure out what I need for kids' winter clothes
    • Boots -- Size 10 and 13/1
    • Snowpants Sm. and Medium
    • Ski jackets
    • Long sleeve shirts -- Youth S/M (Agent 002)
    • hats/mittens/scarves (probably sufficient supply)
  • Figure out rooming arrangements for future child/ren
  • Pull dead wiring from basement ceiling
Yard and Garden
  • set out logs to mark next year's vegetable beds
  • carry over decomposed leaves
  • pull weeds from between blackberry bushes
  • 5 year plan for patio/flower garden
    • flower beds around edge
    • level center for picnic table
    • choose hardy species b/c snow drops from roof
    • window behind stove
    • path from back door
  • trellis to "finish" back porch
  • refill sensory rice pool
  • set out fall goals
  • see how we did with summer goals
  • draw up "schedule" for Red Room time
  • plan "curriculum" for Agent 004
  • organize shelves so that girls can choose own activities
  • Go over Thanksgiving Dinner plan
  • Find a second whole grain sandwich bread recipe (honey-wheat getting old)
  • Christmas present list
  • Plan for some homemade gifts
  • Inventory freezer for pantry challenge
  • Plan full month with no groceries but milk, eggs, and fresh fruit
  • Find out when local ski sales are (Sizes 10 and 13/1)
This list isn't half as bad as I expected. Let me get cracking on that.

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