Monday, April 21, 2008

They Sure Love Those Scissors

The Unplugged theme for this week is "scissors."

My kids need no encouragement to use scissors; here are are just two examples of self-directed masterpieces from this week.

Agent 004 loves to draw people on one sheet of paper, then rearrange them on another sheet. She tells a story as she works, moving the people like puppets as the story progresses. Scissors are obviously an integral component of her work, as are paper, glue, and felt-tipped pen.

Cousin F, on the other hand, has a more abstract style. Her work is thematic rather than narrative, and is characterized by intense energy. In this work, she uses colored pencil, ink stamps and scissors to create an intricate work of art that only a two-year old could create.

Here is Cousin F working on her "shape books"* With near-perfect accuracy, she pasted small paper shapes into their corresponding book, calling triangles and circles by name. Even after repeated trials however, she insisted on calling squares "shape."

*The shape books were inspired by a fellow unplugged family, but I cannot remember which one. If that mom is reading, please identify yourself so that I can properly credit you for your ideas.


Michie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I like the shape book idea! :)

Chrissy said...

I love the idea of cutting out the figures on one sheet then rearranging them on another...very clever little girl!

Anonymous said...

Very funny post! It looks like the sight of scissors really got their creative juices flowing!

Kate in NJ said...

How creative! P loves scissors!

KIM said...

Great job!!

The shape book idea I believe came from my friend, Christin, here at