Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've Got a Few Questions for You.....

There are a hardy few who have been reading this blog since the beginning. Of course, most of them are librarians, which may explain their inexplicable persistence in reading such uninspired tripe for so long.

Not that it is really "uninspired" or "tripe." Unfocused might be a better word. Or meandering. Meandering, like a mountain stream making its way to the ocean, except with words instead of water and with no mountain or ocean. Okay, so isn't at all like a mountain stream, but it meanders nonetheless.

And I love the meandering. I love that whenever I have something to say, I just open the Blogger window, type in my thoughts, and add it to this meandering stream of words. It is a creative outlet, where I am the creator, I am the editor, and I am the queen.

But y'all have a role to play too. Remember way back in my second post, I said that this blog isn't about me, it is about us. That it is a way for us to keep in touch. Which means that it should be a conversation. That I shouldn't ramble on about things that you don't care about, but should instead find areas of common interest.

I'll admit that for the most part, I blog selfishly. Mostly because I am too lazy to keep a journal or a scrapbook, but also because I enjoy the interactivity of this medium. Especially when y'all drop me a comment. That makes me smile. But since no one (except Kate) ever comments, I figured that I would beg for some input. See that poll floating at the top of the page? Please answer the questions.

No, really. Answer it, now. Tell me what you like, and what bores you to tears.

I will stop writing until you have answered. :)


Jenny said...

I actually liked everything on the list, but I was forced to pick something I didn't like, and memes are my least favorite. The thing about memes is that I love filling them out but am not sure anyone ever reads them on my OWN blog either.

I like keeping up with you and your family. I personally have replaced most of the time I used to spend writing letters and e-mails and just expect people to read my blog, so I like it when other people are the same.

Plus you wouldn't be the itty bitty warillever without the creative stuff like poems! So yeah, I pretty much like everything about you!

Michael said...

I want to hear your thoughts on librarianship. You did go to library school, right? The kids are getting older and will be in school. What do you see for the kids and libraries?

Oh and cut back the show and tell :-)

Hugs and kisses!

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, and here I was off in my own little corner of the Garden State
without a chance to comment.;-)

Anonymous said...

A real toss-up between the household tips and poetry, but the poetry won out in the end as the worst of the blog. Of course, who goes over and reads mine for information and stimulation.

I just put up information that I found elsewhere.

Good Lord! I'm Michael Stephens!