Friday, October 14, 2005

Running up the ratings

It seems that all of the random hits on my blog come to the posts on Notre Dame football. I was flattered to notice that a search for Charlie Weis on MSN brought me to the top of the list, then noticed that the searcher and I both mistyped his name.... or maybe the searcher was really looking for Charile, and was disappointed to find a football post.....

I've had a couple of other things going one this fall, so I have not been writing much about football. I have not, however, stopped watching the games. Despite our lack of television reception, we have managed to catch at least a piece of the game online or by mooching off of friends and family who live in civilization.

I am cautiously optimistic about the USC game. I am not delusional enough to consider ND a favorite, but I do agree with Pete at Blue-Gray Sky that "USC should win this football game, but Notre Dame definitely could." That is exactly what Notre Dame has been missing for most of the last decade -- the swagger, the hope, the faith that they will be able to pull off the impossible.

I am not an alum. I was paid for my affiliation with Notre Dame. But I love thee Notre Dame, and I am very roud to be a fan. (And the Gerry Faust interview at Catholic Report doesn't hurt my opinion at all [HT: Annunciations].)

Go Irish -- beat Trojans!

Update (10/15 10pm): After that heartbreak of a loss, I am still wth you Pete -- I've never been prouder to be a Notre Dame fan.

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