Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Snapshot in 7 Quick Takes

Last Friday I wrote a snapshot of our week instead of a 7 Quick Takes post. Since I'm not capable of doing both each week, I will try to combine them. Why not?

  1. Agent 002 had his first alpine ski lesson this week. He loved it! Although he skiied with us last year, this was his first formal lesson. Mr warillever is a chaperone for the program, and he said that it was great to see 002 enjoying an activity with his peers so much. After the lesson they continued to ski until 8pm.

  2. I made my new recipe for the week on ski day. Something warm, nourishing, and able to served in two seatings -- Morrocan Lentil Soup with Kesra (Morrocan bread). Delicious! Agent 004 and I tried to make it a real Morrocan meal by eating at a low table and using the bread to soak soup.

  3. The books we are reading

  4. I heart Twitter.

  5. You can follow me @warillever and hear about important things like what we are having for dinner and how much I despise laundry. Look over on my right sidebar if you want to know what I am doing, but don't want the temptation of joining.

  6. Resolution update: I haven't beaten mr warillever at anything yet, but I am eating breakfast and packing nutritious lunches for my "men." Yesterday's breakfast was a brownie and a banana, but it was breakfast.
  7. Art Gallery Snapshot

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Kate in NJ said...

LOVE the art gallery.
I couldn't "see this" yesterday,
so I am glad I came back today.