Friday, April 13, 2007

Unit Study: Trains

...or how little kids can make any chore fun.

Because of the "unseasonably" cool weather, we have been burning through firewood faster than expected, and I needed to lug wood over to the back porch this morning.

This is not as tough of a job as it sounds. The woodshed is only about 30 feet from the back door, and I don't actually "lug" wood; I pile it into a plastic toboggan (one of those bright orange things you buy at Walmart for $7) and drag it accross the yard.

Agent 002 decided that it looked like a freight train.

Mama: Does that make me the locomotive?
Agent 002: A steam engine.
I played along, calling the logs "freight," and the smooshed-down snow "train tracks."

The game got more and more involved as I went back and forth accross the yard with sled-fulls of wood.

Somewhere along the line, the kids started riding the "train" for the return trip.
"Woo Woo! Train boarding at back porch station."

The kids climbed into the sled, and with a whole lot of "chugga chugga"s in between, I pulled them over to the woodshed.
"Train arriving at woodshed station. This is the final station; all passengers must disembark."

Agent 004 thought that "disembark" sounded a lot like "doggy bark," so she howled and barked while she rode.

I had only planned on bringing over enough wood for the next few days (hoping that mr warillever would move some more this weekend), but I was having so much fun that I just kept on going.

Knock on wood, that is the last time that I will move wood this winter.

Unless we really do get a Nor'easter this weekend.......

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