Thursday, April 12, 2007


This happened a few months ago, but since I posted about Agent 004's "elf," I thought it was only fair to post about Agent 002 as well.

One afternoon, after spending most of the day with my parents, Agent 002 started singing "Sucky Jesus" over and over again. Nothing more, just the words "sucky Jesus."

I was perturbed to say the least.

This went on for days.

When I asked him about it, Agent 002 said that he saw "sucky Jesus" on Grammy's TV.

Religious programing is not unheard of at my folks' house, so I asked them what the kids had watched. "Oh, just Sesame Street and Curious George," said my mother.

PBS? Doubtful that they would have shown Jesus (even a sucky one).

A few days later, I watched George with the kids. And on came an advertisement -- for Chucky Cheese's.



Ruth said...

too funny

Sean the First said...

I'm starting to like this kid more and more.