Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spritual Benefits of Blogging

As my time on the internet has become more precious, I have spent less time seeing the sites or reading new blogs. I have fallen into a blog-rut. Curt Jester and the Catholic Blog Awards (link broken?) have cured me, however. In his awards post, Curt Jester recommended scores of blogs. I have not yet worked through the entire list, but have already found a new favorite -- Ironic Catholic. In a recent post, he describes the "unexpected spiritual benefits of blogging."

  • You get to practice patience as you spend way too much time... a. trying to size a picture through the Blogger program, b. waiting to see if the post will publish, c. tweaking with one sentence so that it makes sense, d. all of the above
  • Faith in the everyday: seek, and ye shall find something to write about.
  • Great opportunity to jam to excellent Christian music while you write, like, say, Ashley Cleveland. Um, or Gregorian Chant. (OK, that was a shameless plug. She's so phenomenal.)
  • You get multiple opportunities to resist the temptation of looking at your SiteMeter stats. And when you do look, it's often an exercise in humility. A win-win!
  • You get to practice non-violent conflict resolution when you wade into the occasionally turbulent waters of the comment boxes.
  • You get to contemplate the beauty of nature as you look out the window in search of...a point....
  • St. Jude has a more-than-passing familiarity with the Christian blogosphere. I'm jus' sayin'.
  • Finally, always remember: we live in the blogosphere, but not of the blogosphere.

Update (2/2/07): I apologize for the pronoun confusion -- Ironic Catholic is a woman.

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