Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative Play

Sandpaper AaI love watching Agent 002 play. He can always come up with something to do. Here he is rubbing a metal pen case on sandpaper letters. I had intended to have him trace the letters with his fingers to get the sensation of the sandpaper as he "wrote." Instead, he wanted to rub things on the letters. He tried various objects, but liked the sound of fork on sandpaper the best.

This is what he did with craft sticks. He then used another stick to change the oil.Fixing Cars
This is how he carried his Valentine's Day M&Ms to our color lesson:
A Carful Rainbow
This is the "train" he created in our kitchen:Riding the Train
Here is his "truck crayon:"Crayon Launcher
This is a magnet train:magnets
And finally -- ART
Tower of Playdo

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