Thursday, July 07, 2005

Agent 004 on the scene

Agent 004 is quite the charmer. I spent 5 hourse with her yesterday, and other than a shriek when her hat was put on, she did not cry. She did smile, laugh, and babble a bit. She is frightenly mobile -- she crawls and "table walks,"** but she was also quite happy nestled in my arms.

There are eight babies in her group -- 2 boys and six girls. All are the same age. One of the others (Code Name: Shamrock) will be adopted at the same time by a family from Ireland. Agent 004 and CN Shamrock are only days apart in age. I exchanged addresses with her future parents so that Agent 004 can keep in touch with someone from her former life.

It was hard to say goodbye, but like Agent 002, she is in good hands at the baby home. teh staff are sad to see the babies leave, but are genuinely happy to see them get families.

** I think the term is generally "couch walking" -- i.e. walking while grasping onto a piece of furniture. We use what we've got.


Michael said...

ahhh the "mobile" stage. guess you'll be getting gates and all sorts of childproofing items for the warillever compound. Congrats Mom and Dad

Sean the First said...

Furniture walking is the term we used for all three.

Anyway it is an exciting and troublesome time, when the little Agent starts to move farther and faster.

Congrats right now, but I am reading on. OHHHHH, I am so exited for the two of you.