Thursday, July 14, 2005

Agent 002 talks

13:38 Moscow
Some of you have asked (with unnecessary embaressment) whether Agent 002 speaks English or Russian.

He does, in fact, speak Russian, although he is quickly learning English. His vocabulary now includes:

  • car
  • bye-bye
  • no
  • fly (applied to all insects, just as he calls all insects 'mooka' in Russian)
  • God bless you

That last one cracks me up. He appears to be allergic to pollen, and was sneezing like mad this morning. I said "God bless you" after each sneeze, and soon he was pretending to sneeze so that I would say it again. When I fake-sneezed, he pronounced (with no discernable accent) "God bless you" to me. Neat.

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Ruth said...

That's so cute :)