Saturday, May 02, 2009

7 Quick Takes

  1. Last Thursday we still had a small snowbank in the shady part of the yard; as of today all of the fruit trees are in bloom! It hit 90 degrees on Tuesday, but the past three days in the high 60s have been WONDERFUL.

  2. With all of this good weather the garden has been taking off. I planted lettuce, spinach, beets, chard, turnips outdoors, and started tomato, eggplant, melon, summer squash and herbs indoors. I also transplanted a few blackberry cuttings and bought four blueberry bushes. Once I pick up my apple trees, we will have a true backyard farm.

    I'd show you a picture, but my camera is broken.

  3. No camera means no pictures of the girls' first swim lesson. It is Agent 004's first group activity ever, and she did wonderfully.

  4. So my worries that she would not be ready for kindy in the fall? Groundless. She is very excited about school

  5. ...but she is even more excited about her new glasses. We found out at her regular checkup that our baby is near-sighted. That explains why she always grabs the book from me to study the picture! Maybe I'll post a picture (if I ever get the camera working).

  6. I have been keeping myself busy with my book club (with whom I am plodding through Theology of the Body) and a slow-pitch softball team. I don't like being out of the house so often, but once games start, I'll bring the kids along to softball. Would y'all think less of me if I admitted that my body aches from a few practices?

  7. No art gallery photo today :(

    I will, however, leave you with some snapshots from a birthday party.

    A truck and princess party for the birthday buddies F and 002.

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Kate in NJ said...

No camera? I miss the art shot...
apple trees are in our plans as well,
but not this year.