Friday, January 04, 2008

Grand Adventures

Not that this is anything new, but you may have noticed that I am behind on my blog posting. I have a good excuse this time, I swear. We have been out of the country on a grand adventure -- five days in the Canadian backwoods.

Okay, not really the backwoods, but we did spend five days playing outdoors in Canada. Grandma's Christmas present to the entire clan was a 5-day stay at a ski resort. Our home for the week was a luxurious log cabin ten-minutes from a large alpine ski resort and within a national park (or is that parc national?).

It was amazing, astonishing, extraordinary, incredible and lots of other initial-vowel adjectives. Did I mention that it was really nice?

The big kids (which includes Agent 002) spent three full days skiing on the mountain, while the little folks (including Agent 004) tried out the bunny hill and explored the village.

Aunt K, Uncle Ichabod and I got a chance to head out on cross-country skis for an afternoon while the dads took the kids snow-tubing.

A marvelous time.

Now to explain the dearth of blogging. Have you ever packed for an outdoor cold-weather vacation? On the day after Christmas? While trying to keep the rear window unobstructed for the six-hour drive?

Impossible, I tell you. Well, not if you have mr warillever around. He pulled out the van's back bench and built a ski rack along the floor. Then we piled our baggage on top of that. It was an act of sure genius. We managed to fit eight pairs of skis (we each have a pair for cross-country and downhill), as well as snowsuits, mittens, hats, clothing, and Christmas gifts.

And then there is all the work after a trip. Laundry (loads and loads of laundry), finding places for all of the new toys that generous aunts and uncles gifted, and dealing with young children on a post holiday, post-vacation let-down.

But the laundry is almost done, the toys are mostly away, and the children are falling back into a normal routine. And it really was a grand adventure.


Kate in NJ said...

Sounds worth the laundry to me!
Glad you're back.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

WOW how lucky.i have never been skiing. Yes as kate says, worth the laundry.
ANy pictures?