Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Feast

I've never been one to pass up a free meal, so here's a go at the "Friday Feast" meme. Check the comments at the original post to see how other people answered.
  • Appetizer: Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?

    My husband, mr warillever. Absolutely my best friend in the world.

  • Soup: If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?

    I should say Athens (you know height of Greek civilization, democracy, philosophy and all of that), but I'll go with Tyre.

  • Salad: What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed?

    What does it say about me that 12 things came immediately to mind, and all were sporting events? The coolest of which was the last out of the regional championship in high school softball, in which a rising line drive came straight at me in center field. I sprinted back, jumped in the air, and fell to the ground with the ball in my glove. At that very moment, it started to rain. I am too embarrassed to list the other 11 events, to which I was merely a spectator (on television, no less).

    Oh yeah. And meeting our son for the first time. But I would call that more nerve-wracking than "exciting."

  • Main Course: If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt?

    If I were already famous, why would I need more attention?
  • Dessert: What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?

    I'll leave that one up to God, thanks.


Stacey said...

Love your comment about being a celebrity. I totally agree. Our desserts are the same. :-) LOL Come on by my feast. :-)

J.D. Long said...

I love your Fest-- you seem very down-to-earth. Come see mine!